Kilchurn Castle

Kilchurn Castle, Loch Awe, Argyle

Fair to say I have been pretty useless on the blog front recently… this was a trip James and I went on early November, I started writing about it late November, it is now January and I am finally back at it to try get it published…oops. In between college, work and the festive period I have had no time to focus on my website until now (kinda - I have work very soon and really should be doing more college work but oh well, here I am). This is a good excuse for me to get out and get some photos taken which I have been doing, just not so good at the writing and posting part but I will get there!


I have been wanting to go and visit this Castle for far far too long and we finally got the chance to venture out and see it. Fair to say she did not disappoint. Kilchurn Castle was about a 1hr 40min drive to get to from where we live - not as much annoyance for me than James since he is the only one who can drive at the moment… I just continue to be master of the tunes…

We did get a bit confused when we got there trying to figure out how to actually get over to the other side to have a nosey around - turns out theres a car park not too far from it and you just cross over some train tracks and wander over. I did prefer the pictures that I got facing the castle from the other side of the loch as the reflection from the water was amazing. At this time of year I definitely recommend getting some warm clothes, it was freeeeezing! I was lucky enough to have my new Montane jacket that I won in a Tiso competition the other week - its my new pride and joy- that worked a charm.


Most people will be aware of this Castle as it is probably one of the most photographed in Scotland (bar Eileen Donan) I totally understand why though because if you are a fan of those reflection photos - like me- this is the perfect place to nail one.

As you can probably tell from my photos I like to pretend James is a tap model so I get him to pose a lot more times than he would like.

Oh so pretty

Oh so pretty


I’ve left my favourite photo for last and will be posted at the bottom of this post!

If you have taken the time to read this merci beaucoup, I have a good bunch of photos that I need to get around to editing and posting!

- Em

Loch Awe at Dusk

Loch Awe at Dusk